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After choosing the perfect floor covering for your home and certain that it has all the features you want and need, the next step is to contact a trusted flooring Austin Texas installation professional. You might be done buying the flooring and thinking about installing it yourself, but we have here several reasons why you should consider hiring a flooring installation specialist.

Our flooring specialists guarantee to fulfill your specific requirements so you can have the flooring of your dreams. We can also assist you in deciding which flooring to buy. You are always welcome to drop by and visit our shop to find out how we can help you with your Austin flooring needs.



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Numerous homeowners opt for natural stone as a tile for a bathroom Austin because of its ability to transform a utilitarian space into a thing of beauty. Natural stone may be ideal as a countertops material, but some people consider using the material to finish entire bathrooms.

Despite the beauty it offers, some homeowners do not consider the idea of stone floor in bathroom flooring Austin because of the expenses involved. However, some types of stone flooring are quietly inexpensive and can be good options for shower floor tile Austin. Here are some types of natural stone you can choose from for your bathroom flooring Austin:

Bathroom Flooring Austin

Types of Stone Flooring

  • Marble
    Marble is the most popular natural stone flooring. It has soft grain patterns and creamy colors that provide elegance and luxury to any bathroom. Marble is a softer type of rock and susceptible to scratching and staining, so it would be best to have it seal professionally after installation.
  • Travertine
    Travertine is a soft stone flooring type that can form a smooth, mellow patina. It comes with a wide range of shades and hues, from dark rust to light cream. It is considered one of the most popular natural stone floorings due to its durability and natural beauty, and it is not easily susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Granite
    Granite is considered one of the most rigid flooring materials because it is not prone to staining and scratching. It is available in many colors and can be found throughout the country since the local granite flooring is more affordable because of the lower shipping fee.
  • Slate
    Slate floor tile is an excellent option for bathroom flooring because of its natural rough surface. It is a metamorphic rock formed in layers making it easy to split it into thin sheets cut into tiles. The dark color and matte slate is an ideal option for a darker minimalist or contemporary bathroom.
  • Limestone
    Limestone is somehow tougher and can stand up better for everyday uses. It has attractive grain patterns that resemble wood planks. You need to apply a quality stone sealer to limestone flooring to help prevent stains since it is a porous stone. Since it is a soft type stone, it is not the best option for the kitchen flooring. But it is one of the best natural stones for bathroom flooring due to its water-resistance and extreme durability. To maintain its protection, you need to re-seal limestone flooring every few years.


All stones can virtually benefit from stone sealers. The sealer protects the stone against spills and abrasion. Some types of sealers improve the traction on the surface. Reckon that sealers are not an end-all solution in protecting natural stone flooring. You still have to clean up the spills immediately and avoid using chemicals that can damage your flooring, even on sealed stone. Besides protecting your stone flooring with a sealer, you may also use an enhancer to bring out the stone tile color and gloss. Enhancers can bring back the stone's luster and color after it has been machined or given a weathering treatment, such as flaming or tumbling.

When choosing natural stone flooring materials, it is crucial to do your research and understand each material's characteristics. Every material has specific needs for cleaning and maintenance; having enough knowledge about it will help you decide which natural stone you should choose. Seek help from a professional to make sure that your chosen bathroom flooring Austin is right for you.

Bathroom Flooring Austin

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